Improve & Grow Welcomes Tracy Stauffer as New Customer Success Specialist

Improve & Grow, LLC has taken a significant step towards enhancing its digital marketing and customer experience by adding another member to its fast-growing family. Tracy Stauffer has joined the team to be their customer success specialist, who promises to bring a wide range of customer service and marketing experience to help the team. Her job entails building customer relationships and assisting the team in completing projects within specified deadlines.

She has worked at various companies before working for Improve & Grow, LLC. Some of her previous work includes customer service and eCommerce marketing for a local appliance remanufacturer and experience in a marketing firm where she worked as an account manager. 

Some of her key responsibilities at Improve & Grow, LLC includes the following:

● Client reporting & communication

● Resolving requests and issues that arise

● Project planning and setting deadlines

● Monitoring project progress

● Support and direction of internal team

● Performance analysis & action planning

● Ensuring customer satisfaction

● Continual improvement initiatives

● Strengthening customer relationships

When asked about the new addition to the team, Improve & Grow, LLC’s founder Carl Lefever replied,

“We’re very excited to have Tracy on board as our newest Customer Success Manager. Her extensive experience and passion for helping our clients achieve success will be an invaluable asset to all the clients she supports.”

He adds, “We believe our success depends on the success and satisfaction of our customers. Providing a dedicated account manager for each client is an important component of that commitment. Tracy is enthusiastic, organized, and diligent in ensuring our clients continue to get the highest level of service possible.”

As a customer success specialist, Tracy will pour her passion and experience into driving business growth for customers by actively communicating and managing projects. She will work directly with strategists and clients to manage all kinds of digital marketing work. To produce a great return on investment, she will ensure that projects are executed within budget, on time, and as effectively as possible.

When she’s not at work, Tracy dedicates her time to her family, with a loving partner and son, while raising awareness for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

About Improve & Grow

Improve & Grow is a digital marketing agency based in Lancaster, PA. Its mission is to help businesses expand and grow through effective marketing strategies and deliver great results for their customers. They help their clients by generating qualified leads that become online sales through website optimization, pay-per-click advertising, as well as search engine optimization.

 Improve & Grow uses a results-based approach to ensure that every client will reap from the significant growth they provide, along with a profitable return on investment. They offer a unique and proven strategy for their digital marketing, ensuring that customers know what and where to invest for the growth they need.

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