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seo business

12 SEO Business Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Learning SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a complicated process if you are not already familiar with how it works. The Internet is cluttered with articles illustrating how to incorporate SEO into your business. You probably already know how to strengthen your SEO to some extent, but we’ll cover some ways to help you…

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conversion tracking

9 Reasons Why You Need Conversion Tracking Right Now

Every business wants to convert clients. Building relationships and getting traffic means nothing if it doesn’t make a sale, right? And, let’s face it… while green with envy, you’ve heard other company’s success stories. Stuff like “This company increased their sales leads by 350%!” or “This business increased online B2B lead generation by 252%!” So why not…

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product landing page

How to Optimize a Product Landing Page for Max ROI

Digital marketing should be at the heart of every product launch. After all, the internet is where most people spend their time. Just look around you – people are consistently using their tablets, smartphones, and laptops. It almost seems as if folks would prefer to shop, communicate and work virtually than in real life. And…

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How to Get the Most Return From Your PPC Strategy

When it comes to marketing, you can always do better. With Google search results getting ever more ad-focused, now is the time to look at your PPC strategy. Is it as effective as it could be? Below, we’ll walk through some of the small changes you can make today that will give you the edge…

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audience segmentation

How Audience Segmentation Will Increase Conversions

When you’re selling products and services online, you have the capability to reach a much wider audience. Which is fantastic because having that far of a reach can dramatically drive your sales up. But only if you know what you’re doing. That means understanding your audience so well you can predict their future behaviors. It’s…

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targeted email marketing

7 Ways to Get Big Returns From Targeted Email Marketing

How much time per week are you spending on your targeted email marketing campaigns? An hour? Maybe even less? Even if you’re spending 5 hours or more every week, not utilizing the right strategies your email campaigns might be falling right on their collective faces. To be a targeted email marketing expert, you need to…

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ppc metrics

The PPC Metrics That Really Matter to Your Bottom Line

Congratulations, you have a website! But did you know your site joins 4.47 billion other pages on the internet? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you need PPC metrics to help you stand out and reach that target audience. It’s not enough anymore to just open a page, post some text and images, and hope…

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impact of social media

What You Need to Know About the Impact of Social Media on SEO

Everyone knows the importance of an SEO strategy. But there’s one thing that many don’t realize can play a part: social media. Despite this, the impact of social media on SEO is not something that any smart businessperson should ignore. In fact, taking advantage of social media is a great way to get a leg…

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PPC data

Why You Need to Use PPC Data to Boost SEO Traffic

Are you using Pay Per Click (PPC) on your website? If not, you aren’t just sacrificing an additional revenue stream for you and your business. You’re actually abandoning one of the most essential ingredients of marketing success in the 21st Century. You’re sacrificing your data. PPC Data is an integral view into the performance of…

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