The Inbound Lead System - A Proven Approach

How will your business change when you get more, highly qualified sales leads?

Watch – The Proven Inbound Lead Approach

An Inbound Lead System will predictably fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads every month.

Revitalize the way you grow your business with an Inbound Lead System. Instead of resorting to random acts of marketing, invest confidently in Improve & Grow’s proven process to grow your revenue by $500k+ in 12 months.

What You Get With Your Inbound Lead System

3-Stage Approach to
highly Qualified Sales Leads





Plan Your Inbound Lead System with a
30-day Growth Road Map Project

This is where every I&G client starts — The 30-day Growth Road Map is the starting point to gaining traction on your growth goals. This data-backed marketing strategy gives you a detailed budget, metrics for your needed website traffic, leads, and sales for the next three years.

In this stage, I&G will help you…

  • Define what will drive your growth over the next 12-months
  • Research your market to know how to best reach your ideal customer
  • Develop your first Growth Action Plan with strategy, budget, and metrics to reach your 12-month revenue goals.






Build Your Inbound Lead System

Your Inbound Lead System will fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads – Predictably. No random acts of marketing. Grow your revenue by $500k+ in 12 months. Experience 10X or better return on investment. And it all starts with a Growth Road Map and I&G’s proven marketing system.

Based on your Growth Road Map, this stage will include a combination of…

  • Building lead generating web pages that convert visitors and prospects
  • Developing a launch-ready website that engage and convert your ideal customer
  • Implementing traffic campaigns through paid ads to drive ideal prospects that are already seeking out your solution






Grow Your Sales Leads and Revenue

You don’t just get a plan and a system — Phase #3 is where your marketing is honed in and your reach expanded. Gain market share as strategic and authoritative content is added to your website. As the strategy improves, your traffic and leads grows. You begin to feel the power of predictable, high quality sales leads.

In this stage, I&G will help you…

  • Define what will drive your growth over the next 12-months
  • Research your market to know how to best reach your ideal customer
  • Develop your first Growth Action Plan with strategy, budget, and metrics to reach your 12-month revenue goals.

How Will More Qualified Leads Change Your Business?

Get Your Plan For More Qualified Leads

Every Inbound Lead System Starts With A Growth Road Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 30-day Growth Road Map is a done-for-you project that gives you a detailed plan on how to build an inbound lead generation system – in just 30 days. 

In those 30 days, Improve & Grow dives deep into 3 aspects of your business:

  1. Your Growth Drivers
  2. Your Market Research
  3. Your Growth Action Plan

In 30 days or less, you’ll know exactly where you need to invest in your marketing to fill your sales pipeline, and exponentially grow your business over the next 12 months. 

Wondering if a Growth Road Map is right for you? Book A Growth Road Map Call >

In short… Because Random Acts of Marketing should be avoided at all costs. 

But, what are Random Acts of Marketing? You may be familiar with them… In this type of marketing, you try out various marketing tactics and hope one of them works. 

At I&G, we’re all for trying new things, and we’re pretty hopeful people, but when you needed more leads yesterday, we think there’s a better way. 

A 30-day Growth Road Map uses data-backed research specific to your business, industry, and growth goals to build a plan to turn your marketing investment into profit. 

Or in other words, a Growth Road Map helps you avoid costly Random Acts of Marketing.

Book A Growth Road Map Call >

To get started, please use our booking calendar to book a free strategy call. You will be asked to provide your contact information, as well as some information about your organization, including current revenue and your future revenue goal. Once your call is booked, we’ll send you a short survey to answer some important questions about your current situation. 

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Typical build phase – 90 days


For smaller businesses with only 1 service and a limited budget – 60 days

For larger businesses with complex/multiple services and a limited budget – 120+ days* 

… but for most clients, 90 days.

*120+ day build phases can also occur accidentally when clients struggle with following through with commitments such as gathering and delivering information or providing feedback. Check out our next FAQ or the “Do I need an Inbound Lead System” section of this page.


Your time commitment will vary greatly depending on stage you are in and how involved you want to be involved in the process. At a minimum, there will be meetings you need to attend so that we can gather information and review completed deliverables. There will also be occasions where you are asked to provide information, answer questions, or review materials we have developed prior to or between calls.

See this blog post breaking down your time commitments into finer detail > 

Your 30-day Growth Road Map will include your first Strategic Growth Action Plan. These action plans inform and outline the strategy for the next 3-6 months. To execute the strategy, the I&G team will use :

  • Branding
  • Brand Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Paid Ad Campaigns (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • LinkBuilding
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking

As with building any new, there will be costs that are only discovered after starting the project. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Website hosting – we typically recommend our clients host with They are a superbly managed hosting company with top-notch customer support.
  • Emails – To execute some of the tactics, the I&G team will need access to a branded email (ex:
  • Software – CRMs, Email Marketing Platforms, Marketing Automation, Integration software (ie Zapier). 


BUT — The good news is that since you will be starting with a 30-day Growth Road Map, much of these expenses will be discovered, and incorporated into your ROI (return on investment) model. 😀

Know how much to invest in your marketing – Book A Growth Road Map Call >

Great question! Results vary by client, but the typical results are 30-50% increase in leads with a 5-10X return on investment. Click here for specific case studies. 🎉

Your 30-day Growth Road Map will outline a plan to help you reach your your specified 12-month revenue goal with at least 3X return on your marketing investments.

Click here to get started.

Yep – Keep in mind, your 30-day Growth Road Map will be unique to your business and your growth goals. 

You can see an example here. This road map is for an outsourced bookkeeping service. 

What will your growth roadmap look like? Start your road map. Book Your Call Here >

Featured Case Study

What did Chris do to get more qualified leads?

Chris’s data consulting company has experienced lots of success. But 3 years ago, he was fed up with his random acts of marketing.

Chris wanted to grow his revenue strategically. But, after a few failed attempts and wasted time, he was referred to Improve & Grow. As a skeptic, Chris had lots of questions as he learned about inbound lead systems and I&G’s Growth Road Map.

But, Chris and his partners trusted the process — With I&G they developed a plan, built the lead system, and have watched their lead volume (and revenue) grow ever since.

Chris and his team are able to laser-focused on their clients and company. And, they now use Improve & Grow’s Inbound Lead System for all three of their business ventures.




Higher sales win rate


Increase in traffic


“Our partnership with Improve & Grow has enabled us to project our growth and plan for the future accurately. We can make more strategic decisions because we have confidence in our sales pipeline instead of just flying by the seat of our pants.”

“Not only are we getting 3X more leads, but the lead quality is way higher because we are targeting them with the right message. Improve & Grow understands our services and are getting us in front of prospects already seeking our services.” ​

Chris H. Managing Director, Data Consulting Company


You May Be Asking…

“Do I need an Inbound Lead System?”

*The statements below represent real Improve & Grow client comments and situations.

Question – How Do You Compare?

An Inbound Lead System provides your with predictable, highly qualified leads. When your sales pipeline is full, you experience a freedom that helps you avoid the common experiences below.
  • I need more sales to build my companies vision
  • Most of my leads come through referrals and are unpredictable
  • I’ve spent money and time doing random marketing getting random results
  • I feel lost in marketing, not sure what to focus on or where to invest money
  • I have been burnt by poor marketing advice so I’m skeptical of “experts”
  • I worry that I will never reach the financial freedom I desire
  • I am concerned I’ll have to let employees go if the company doesn’t grow
  • I fear the feeling of being stuck working in my business and not on my business

Question – Am I a good fit for an Inbound Lead System?​

Below are some key attributes of companies that have successfully build Inbound Lead Systems. Do these sound like you?
  • Established businesses – 3 years or more
  • $2MM+ in annual revenue
  • Want to grow revenue by $500k-$1MM over next 12 mos
  • Willing to invest $50k-$100K to achieve growth
  • Looking for a “done for you” solution

Question – Who is NOT a fit for an Inbound Lead System?

If your business aligns with any of the items below, you may not be ready to invest in an Inbound Lead System.
  • Your are a startup company
  • Company is less than $1MM in annual revenue
  • You have no clear growth goals, or have unrealistic goals
  • You are unable to invest at least $50k per year
  • You are looking for training or consulting only

How Will More Qualified Leads Change Your Business?

Get Your Plan For More Qualified Leads

Every Inbound Lead System Starts With A Growth Road Map.