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Improve & Grow’s clients know exactly how to invest in their digital marketing and sale lead generation. Why? Because they have a data-backed strategy called a Growth Road Map. And, their Growth Road Map is the foundation for the Lead Gen System that gives them a predictable flow of high-quality leads. 

The Growth Road Map and the Lead Gen System are practical, proven tools we use to serve our clients. 

A web developer from Improve and Grow working with the Improve and Grow's founder and strategist on a client internet marketing project.

However, the heart and soul of I&G – what makes our internet marketing services special – is our vision and people. Our vision is to use our God-given talents to help businesses grow, and each team member is a core contributor to getting stuff done. 

Since 2014, Our team has helped over 100 service business leaders plan, build, and grow their inbound lead system to meet their revenue goals with a profitable return on investment. It’s our privilege to help grow someone’s business. Plus, as our clients grow, so does I&G. We like it that way.

So, why should you want to work with Improve & Grow? 

Well, that’s what we’ll answer right here…

Internet Marketing Testimonials & Case Studies

Our Clients Are Our Biggest Fans!

Mark Walmer

Terry Martin

Jasmine Salvagno

Marc Crusemire

In our first year we grew by over 30%, and we are already crushing last years sales, despite a 2 1/2 month shutdown due to COVID-19!
Marc Crusemire, an Improve and Grow client

Tom Stanley

Before Improve and Grow our website was with a hosting company and we were using their limited website tool. We were introduced to Improve and Grow about 4 years ago and have not looked back. We
Tom Stanley, an Improve and Grow client

Garry Davis

I have been working with Improve & Grow for a while now and their ability to provide us with leads has been outstanding. Highly recommended company.
Garry Davis, an Improve and Grow client

Mission • Vision • Values

Our Company Core

Our Vision

To use our knowledge, expertise, and creativity to grow businesses and better the lives in our communities.

Our Mission

We help our customers grow their businesses by generating more leads without resorting to random acts of marketing.

Customer Success

We put our customers’ success first, trusting ours will follow


We commit a portion of our time, knowledge, and profits with our community

Results Driven

We make decisions based on available data, not just opinions to improve results

Continual Improvement

We are continually improving our people, processes, and product.


We strive for excellence at all times and make it right when we fall short.


You can count on us to deliver on our promises.

Honor God

We are called to treat everyone with honesty, love, and respect.

Our Team

The Best Part Of I&G

Carl Lefever, founder and strategist at Improve and Grow

Carl Lefever

Founder & CEO
Sam Shoemaker, Creative Service Manager at Improve and Grow

Sam Shoemaker

Content Specialist
Skip Lefever, Digital Marketing Services Director at Improve and Grow

Skip Lefever

PPC Specialist
Scott Rehnberg, content specialist II at Improve and Grow

Scott Rehnberg

Content Specialist
Ricky Angeles, web developer II at Improve and Grow

Ricky Angeles

Systems Manager
Michael Arrieta, SEO manager at Improve and Grow

Michael Arrieta

Senior SEO Specialist

Jen Leong

Project Manager
Harrison Potts, seo specialist at Improve and Grow

Harrison Potts

SEO Specialist
Brian Welch, senior digital marketing strategist at Improve and Grow

Brian Welch


Dillan Nardulli


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