pricing page

The Psychology Behind a Pricing Page that Converts

Psychology is a major aspect of contemporary marketing. Take the blue light effect, for example. Researchers have found that blue light exposure increased appetite and altered a person’s metabolism. Now, suppose you own a restaurant or even a convenience store that sells food. What kind of lighting are you going to choose in your store or…

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SEO Packages

Why SEO Packages Bring in More ROI Than Website Design Alone

There’s no point in having a gorgeous website if nobody’s visiting. SEO packages bring in the ROI you need, and we’re sharing all the reasons why. Creating a website that is elegant, user-friendly, full of great content, and converts leads into customers can be very difficult and expensive. Sometimes, businesses will shy away from hiring…

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On-site SEO Audit

SEO Audits Can Help With Conversions: Here’s How

SEO Audits can be more than technical – they can seriously improve the user experience, leading to more conversions as well. Here’s the inside scoop on how. Running a well-functioning website on your own (especially if you aren’t a web designer), is difficult. Period. That said, running a website to give your small business a…

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Keyword Optimization Blog Banner

How to Increase Sales Using Keyword Optimization

More inbound traffic means more leads – and this means more conversions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on why and how optimizing for keywords will increase sales. Who wants more inbound traffic, more leads, and more sales? If you raised your hand, then you’ll definitely want to read on and learn how to use keyword optimization to…

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