Executive Summary 

Davis & Associates wanted to grow their client base but found it difficult as the majority of their clients were the result of word of mouth referrals. At the advice of their business partner, they began working with Improve & Grow to improve their digital marketing. After two years, Davis & Associates saw a 3290% increase in new leads through the combination of a 952% increase in website traffic and a 222% increase in their website conversion rate. 

The Challenge 

While Davis & Associates were working with a local SEO company, they weren’t seeing any real results. The company didn’t offer any reports to demonstrate the work that they were doing, and they didn’t see any discernable growth in leads. All of this left them with a distaste in regard to digital marketing. They planned to end their partnership with the SEO agency and rely solely on referrals for gaining new business. However, their business partner had seen great success through SEO and paid ads, so they reached out to a local marketing agency, MarketCrest to see what they could do to help them. The team at MarketCrest, who specialized in social media and content marketing, called upon Improve & Grow to develop a digital marketing strategy and to assist with the execution of paid and organic search marketing as well as website optimization.   

The Solution 

Improve & Grow conducted an initial assessment of what digital marketing opportunities existed for Davis & Associates. The results showed that they were missing out on a large opportunity in their field. We developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that laid out what could be done to capture it and backed it up with numbers from our findings with the assessment.  

Improve & Grow started by making small changes to the Davis & Associates website to help them improve their conversion rates and increase their search engine visibility.  While we were working to build up their organic search traffic, we deployed paid search ad campaigns to gain an immediate boost in qualified traffic.  

Because our work caused a large increase in the amount of traffic the website was receiving, we wanted to ensure that the website was capturing those users and making them more likely to become new clients. We redesigned their website to ensure it portrayed Davis & Associates as the trustworthy and knowledgeable immigration attorneys they are and it was easy for potential clients to find the information they needed. 

Throughout our two-year partnership with MarketCrest and Davis & Associates, we also incorporated display remarketing ads, social media ads, content development, social media marketing and email marketing  into their digital marketing strategy. 

The Results 

In their first year of working with Improve & Grow, the number of leads Davis & Associates received grew from just over 200 per year to over 360 per month. In their second year of service, they received more than 6,850 new leads. These leads were the result of growing their website traffic by 952% and improving  their website conversion rate from 2.5% to 11.4%. 

This tremendous amount of growth in their online presence resulted in tremendous growth for the company as well. They went from seven employees to over 20 in their Dallas location and opened a new office in Houston.  

Immigration Law Firm Increases Leads by 3,290%

I have been working with Improve & Grow for a while now and their ability to provide us with leads has been outstanding. Highly recommended company.

Garry Davis, Owner & Lead Attorney, Davis & Associates

Immigration Law Firm Increases Leads by 3,290%

As an experienced entrepreneur, I can honestly say Carl at Improve & Grow is incredibly good at what he does. There are not many people I have met who truly know about SEO and PPC – Carl is one of those people. He has massively helped my business and has given me a tremendous ROI on my investment with him.

Andy Haywood, Owner, Haywood Holdings, LLC

Meet the Author:

Carl Lefever

Carl Lefever, Founder & Strategist

Carl is the founder of Improve & Grow, LLC, where his primary passion is helping businesses grow by improving their online marketing. He leads the team and is involved in developing and executing internet marketing strategies for our clients. Carl's background is in continuous improvement disciplines, focused on sales and marketing operations. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He is a proud father of 4 girls and loves traveling and supporting missions work.