Why You Need to Use PPC Data to Boost SEO Traffic

Are you using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services to market your website?

If not, you aren’t just sacrificing an additional revenue stream for you and your business. You’re actually abandoning one of the most essential ingredients of marketing success in the 21st Century.

You’re sacrificing your data.

PPC Data can be an integral view of the performance of your digital marketing strategies.

PPC Data can give you immediate insight, helpful analytics, and concrete returns. You’ll know what works very quickly.

Plus, you can fund your marketing with immediate returns. Your marketing Return on Investment (ROI) will transform your growth efforts into a revenue center.

Ready to let PPC Data take your business to the next level? We will show you exactly why you need this strategy to excel in any digital marketing campaign.

PPC Data and Return on Investment (ROI)

What is the main goal of all digital marketing? You want to drive targeted traffic, generate qualified leads, increase conversions, and increase, retain and grow client relationships.

You want to increase revenue, shorten the sales cycle, and give the most benefit to your business. However, the difference in digital marketing from other traditional methods is the incredible potential for ROI.

All marketing can help a business succeed. Digital marketing can help a business get more money quickly.

PPC Data helps you track spend and get returns immediately.

Immediate ROI

Marketing used to be seen as a cost center. Branding efforts and marketing campaigns were seen by businesses as long-term investments they hoped would be effective.

With PPC, your business will get immediate returns. The paradigm shift in digital marketing means that marketing no longer trails operations.

Marketing can make decisions in real time. The payback can be immediate as well.

This is valuable information for businesses and marketing professionals alike. Immediate ROI means cutting costs, showing results in revenue, and funding for digital campaigns.

But PPC also does your research for you.

Marketing Research

There is no better research than understanding the buying habits of your customers in real time.

Knowing your customers means customizing their web experience. It also means driving search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.

Your marketing research should feed the overall digital strategy. If you know what your clients want you will adjust your content to their needs.

If you see something is not leading to clicks and conversions you can better understand what your clients want. It isn’t enough to get visitors to your site.

You need to know what they do when they get there. Also, even if you are successfully leading them to convert, you need to know the types of goods and services they want to buy.

You’ll measure each click from the marketing campaign, marketing channel, inbound traffic, onsite behavior, click, and conversion. That is a lot of variables to integrate and measure in order to alter future campaigns.

And the cornerstone of all these marketing efforts will be data collection. We live in a data economy, and your information is valuable to the efficacy of your business as well as to every part of your web presence.

The Data Economy

We live in a data economy. There is a variety of unstructured data your company generates that is essential to understanding the subtleties of your business.

Social Media, Email, Videos, and Text are just a few examples of unstructured data that can be useless if it isn’t integrated with your overall operational approach.

Video content was estimated to make up nearly 75 percent of all web traffic in 2017. Understanding the habits of your web visitors when it comes to video seems necessary as digital marketing trends evolve.

Which videos do your visitors best respond to? Which drive them to purchase goods and services?

Your data is a valuable resource to your company and to your industry. Without using PPC to measure and track market research, you are forfeiting information that is unique to your digital campaigns.

Video is only one very small sample of the type of content and behavior you can measure. But using PPC Data will help you understand the buying habits of your visitors.

Understanding Buying Habits

Once you understand the buying habits of your customers you can tailor their experience accordingly. Imagine linking email campaigns, content, and service offerings to the unique buying habits of your clients.

With PPC Data you can begin to do just that. You will track the landing, web habits, and conversions of every visitor.

Knowing your visitors means knowing how to boost SEO.

Boost SEO in Real Time

Content is still king. It isn’t enough to boost SEO and watch your inbound traffic soar.

Your business or clients need pertinent data to drive search engine rankings. What’s the best way to measure if your content is pertinent to visitors?

Is it valuable to them or not? If your content is valuable, you build rapport, trust, and create return visitors.

That rapport and trust and effective content leads to clicks and enhanced buying patterns.

If not, you can adjust your content accordingly. Adjusting the content, presentation, and strategy can show an increase in paid ad clicks immediately.

You can even try different methods on different content on your page in real time. Doing so will see your SEO soar.

Next time the Google bots scour your content and analyze its value, your search rankings will reveal the strength of these efforts.

PPC Metrics

Any digital campaign is only as good as its measurement. If a digital campaign is wildly successful, but you can’t prove it to your business or clients, it is unlikely to make a significant difference in the overall growth of your company.

Like traditional marketing, the results might be chalked up to chance, market fluctuations, the economy at-large, or other variables beyond the scope of your marketing campaign.

PPC Data allows for specific metrics to measure returns. Integration with your SEO strategy will show stakeholders the tangible connection between SEO and PPC.

As your search rankings rise, you can show the relationship between the two. All this while funding additional campaigns from the success of PPC-generated revenues.

Plus, you won’t have to wait to see results. PPC works much faster than SEO.

Immediate Results from PPC Data

Digital marketers who are trying to boost inbound traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all know that the results from those efforts aren’t immediate. It can take time to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

And sometimes that time is measured in years versus clicks.

One recent example is that a company increased their web traffic by 3000% by increasing their content. Through focusing on creating and an average of 4 new pieces of digital marketing content a week they increased traffic dramatically.

But in digital marketing, time is measured in seconds, not years. Using PPC data to augment your SEO strategy gives you immediate information.

You’ll know when to adjust your strategy. You’ll know when to double-down, and when to abandon a strategy entirely.

Waiting a year, a month, or even a week for Google’s algorithm to respond to your efforts is too long to be successful. Your competitors will be making adjustments as they go.

They could leave you in the dust if you don’t understand how PPC works with SEO to boost your business.

It’s Proven To Work

What’s the best reason to change your marketing strategy to include using PPC Data? It’s proven.

Take a look at the results PPC campaigns can achieve for businesses like yours:

  • A Solar Installation Company increased website traffic by 43 percent with a 98 percent improvement in online lead generation by effectively using PPC strategies.
  • A Retreat and Adventure Center increased website traffic by 15 percent and grew e-commerce transactions by 70 percent.
  • A Software and Consulting company grew website traffic by 95 percent with a 252 percent increase in online leads generated.

It’s one thing to understand that a strategy should work on paper. It’s another to watch it return results every time.

PPC strategies aren’t just good in theory. They are great in practice.

And that practice is often best served with expert help guiding your business every step of the way.

Get Expert Help

Integrating PPC Data with SEO campaigns doesn’t just double the efficiency of your digital content strategy. It works exponentially in terms of revenue, data collection, and analysis.

But knowing PPC Data boosts SEO traffic isn’t enough. Your business needs to create an integrated approach that uses best practices to achieve results in real time.

Remember, every dollar you invest in marketing should create a positive return on investment. And we can help.

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