Improve & Grow, LLC Welcomes Dillan Nardulli as Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Press Release

Lancaster-based inbound lead generation agency  Improve & Grow welcomes Dillan Nardulli as the new Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, helping the company drive growth through impactful strategies, client relationships, and collaboration.

Improve & Grow LLC, a prominent digital marketing agency based in Lancaster, PA, is pleased to announce that Dillan Nardulli has joined the team as the Senior Digital Marketing Strategist. With over eight years of experience in digital marketing across various industries, Dillan will play a crucial role in developing impactful strategies, understanding clients’ goals, and driving tangible growth. 

As the Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Dillan will manage, retain, and expand client relationships throughout their lifecycle. He will conduct initial strategy calls with new prospects, create customized proposals, and ensure continuous engagement through monthly strategy calls. Dillan is a seasoned marketing professional who specializes in developing data-driven digital marketing strategies and plans for his clients. He conducts comprehensive research and analysis, using client and market data to design Growth Roadmaps, annual Growth Action Plans, and corrective action plans, if required, based on performance. 

Dillan’s expertise in client performance metrics enables him to develop strategies that meet and exceed client goals. His attention to detail and proficiency make him an invaluable asset to his clients, and his commitment to excellence is reflected in his ability to deliver results. He will play a critical role in liaising with internal delivery teams, providing clear directives on client budgets, deliverable timelines, and objectives, and ensuring seamless collaboration among the teams to bring successful strategies to fruition. His communication and collaboration skills are vital to the team’s success, and his guidance will be indispensable in achieving the team’s objectives.

When asked about his new role, Dillan expressed his aspirations at Improve & Grow: “I am eager to partner with innovative organizations looking to grow through smart, data-driven marketing. I hope to not only foster positive business outcomes for our clients, but to also act as a resource for our team at I&G — so we can all Improve & Grow, together.”

When not at work, Dillan enjoys outdoor activities, playing sports with my son, hiking with his fiancee, and spending time with their dog. He also likes to spend time outside, either working out or tinkering on a house project. Additionally, he enjoys reading books fueled by coffee, watching action movies, and having a fun family game night.

Dillan Nardulli’s addition to the team reinforces Improve & Grow’s commitment to continual improvement. The agency looks forward to Dillan’s positive impact on clients and the community.

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Improve & Grow is an inbound lead generation agency focused on helping service businesses grow their revenue profitability. Typical results are 30-50% revenue growth in the first 12 months with a 3X or better return on investment.

For those interested in exploring career opportunities at Improve & Grow, visit the agency’s careers page to learn more.

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