The 30-DAY Growth Road Map PROJECT

A plan to help you confidently invest in marketing to gain quality sales leads + 5-10X ROI in 12 months

Watch – 3 Phases of the Growth Road Map

Your 30-Day Growth Road Map Project gives you a detailed plan for building your inbound lead system. 

This done-for-you service allows you to avoid resorting to random acts of marketing and wasteful spending.

In 30-days the I&G team will develop a data-backed road map with the tactics, timeline, and detailed marketing budget designed to get you the high-quality sales leads you need to reach your 12-month sales goal and beyond.

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Your Growth Road Map will have 3 Phases...

Phase 1 will:

Clarify your unique offering — clarify the unique solution you provide so that you have a clear offer that appeals to your ideal prospects. 
Identify Ideal Prospects — define and characterize your ideal fit prospects to know exactly who to target with your marketing. 
Calculate the Lead Metrics — calculate the number of leads you need from your online marketing in order to reach your 12-month sales goal. 
Phase  2 will:
Perform Market Research —  develop your audience targeting criteria and estimate the size of your target audience. 
Gather Competitive Intelligence — find the top channels and tactics your competitors are currently using online. 
Isolate the Best Channels — discover which channels will work best to reach your ideal prospects at or below your target cost per lead. 
Phase 3 will:
Design Your Inbound Lead System — develop a clear blueprint for what is needed to reach, engage, and convert leads fast!
Map Your Traffic Campaigns — design a detailed plan for the traffic campaigns needed to fuel your Inbound Lead System. 
Plan Your Budget & Metrics — define a list of key metrics that achieve your 12-month revenue goal using Improve & Grow’s unique ROI model.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been said that “goals without a plan are just wishes”. You want to grow and you have the money to invest, but you want to be confident that it’s going to work and that you’ll earn your money back and more. That’s where our “growth road map” comes in. You tell us how much and where you want to grow and we’ll help you figure out the best way to get there with digital marketing. We’ll also provide you with the specific strategy, action plan, and projected results so that you can invest with confidence.

The cost of a growth road map project starts varies based on the number of product lines or services you want to promote, the number of websites you manage, and the number of physical locations you operate.

The growth road map is essentially a business plan that sets the course for exactly how much you should spend, where and when to spend it to reach your growth goals, and most importantly, what results you can expect to achieve and when you’ll achieve them. You will be blown away by what we are able to learn about your market, your competition. The insights we provide about key opportunities will be more than worth what you spend, not to mention the value of the future results. But of course, that’s easy for us to say. The best way to answer that question to refer you to our client case studies.

A typical growth road map project will be completed within 2-3 weeks of your signed agreement and initial payment.

We use an intake survey to collect critical information about your business goals, target audience, product/service overview, and details on your current sales process. We also require read access to your website analytics, existing ad accounts, and website.

The details of each growth road map contain private information about the companies we develop them for. That said, we are happy to walk you through some relevant examples on our initial discovery call so that you can see exactly what a growth action plan looks like. Just click the “get started” button to contact us to set up a call.

That is completely up to you. Our plans typically result in a strategy that will deliver your intended business results with a 2-3X return on investment in the first year, 4-6X in year 2 and 7-10X or better in year 3. In most cases (9 out of 10), our clients select to proceed with implementing our proposed digital marketing strategy. In a few cases, they may elect to implement a portion of the plan and scale up later based on results. In rare cases, our clients find that the time and effort required doesn’t yield either the growth or ROI they were hoping for, in which case they elect to hold off. In any case, our clients gain tremendous insight that informs their future business strategies.  

Growth Road Map

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