The 30-DAY Growth Road Map PROJECT

A plan to help you confidently invest in marketing to gain quality sales leads + 5-10X ROI in 12 months

Watch – 3 Phases of the Growth Road Map

Your 30-Day Growth Road Map Project gives you a detailed plan for building your inbound lead system. 

This done-for-you service allows you to avoid resorting to random acts of marketing and wasteful spending.

In 30-days the I&G team will develop a data-backed road map with the tactics, timeline, and detailed marketing budget designed to get you the high-quality sales leads you need to reach your 12-month sales goal and beyond.

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Your Growth Road Map will have 3 Phases...

Phase 1 will:

Clarify your unique offering — clarify the unique solution you provide so that you have a clear offer that appeals to your ideal prospects. 
Identify Ideal Prospects — define and characterize your ideal fit prospects to know exactly who to target with your marketing. 
Calculate the Lead Metrics — calculate the number of leads you need from your online marketing in order to reach your 12-month sales goal. 
Phase  2 will:
Perform Market Research —  develop your audience targeting criteria and estimate the size of your target audience. 
Gather Competitive Intelligence — find the top channels and tactics your competitors are currently using online. 
Isolate the Best Channels — discover which channels will work best to reach your ideal prospects at or below your target cost per lead. 
Phase 3 will:
Design Your Inbound Lead System — develop a clear blueprint for what is needed to reach, engage, and convert leads fast!
Map Your Traffic Campaigns — design a detailed plan for the traffic campaigns needed to fuel your Inbound Lead System. 
Plan Your Budget & Metrics — define a list of key metrics that achieve your 12-month revenue goal using Improve & Grow’s unique ROI model.
Growth Road Map

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