How To Write Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

The key to success in creating more popular headlines that people will click is to be less of a preacher and more of a friend. The problem with some articles is that even if the content is groundbreaking, they take on a tone that is quite condescending, and end up being ignored.

Take note that not so many people like being told to do something. They would rather do things their way. However, if your post tells them to do something because it will be beneficial to them, they might have a second look. This is how you encourage them to click the link, read the content and eventually buy from you.

Stop acting like you are an authority in a particular field. Instead, be more natural. Show to them that you really want to help without being too dictating. This will help you gain their trust even more. Take note that getting people’s trust is not easy. They have a lot of doubts in mind especially if the post came from a site they have never clicked before.

The moment you have established trust and you have proven that you are just there to help, they will believe you more. Before you know it, they are already on the section of your site where they have to order something and buy it right away.

The infographic below shows some other tips in increasing conversion rates using attention-getting headlines. Use them to your advantage so you come out on top of your competitors.

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions (HowSBO)

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