Document Management Company Sees 331% Increase in Website Leads

Company Overview

COR365 Information Solutions, now part of Vital Records Control, was a document management solution company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with locations in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. They were one of the largest privately-owned records management companies in the industry, managing more than 1.3 million boxes of paper records and 200,000 electronic back tapes.


Increase in website traffic


Increase in website leads

Executive Summary

While their overall business was healthy, they wanted to grow further and saw digital marketing as a key channel. But, they weren’t getting the desired results from their current marketing partners. COR365 contacted Improve & Grow to conduct an evaluation of their current online presence. Convinced our strategy was sound, they hired us to implement the strategy. After two years of working with Improve & Grow, COR365 saw a 50% increase in traffic and a 331% increase in website leads.

The Challenge

COR365 saw digital marketing as a key growth channel and were making investments in SEO, PPC, and their website through three different marketing partners. However, after more than two years of investment, their website traffic was dropping, they weren’t getting a high number of qualified sales leads, and they weren’t seeing a positive return on their investment. An Improve & Grow client was a member of their peer group and recommended they hire us to do an assessment of their website and digital marketing campaigns

The Solution

While the other agencies they partnered with were knowledgeable in their own industries, the marketing campaigns were not getting results and they couldn’t offer any practical insight as to what needed to be done to improve the results other than to spend more money. This left the leadership team feeling skeptical of investing more money into online marketing services.

Understanding their hesitation due to this experience, Improve & Grow was able to establish trust by identifying the problem, outlining specific solutions, and clearly outlining the expected results through our “Growth Road Map” process.

Our assessment revealed that 90% of their ad spend was being wasted on unrelated keywords, their organic search traffic had declined by 52%, and their website was only getting a 1% conversion rate when the industry average was 3% and our client in the same industry was experiencing a 6% conversion rate.

With this insight, we were able to create a very specific action plan that addressed identified problems and key opportunities. Our ROI model predicted that we could grow their website traffic by 50% and increase their website leads by 300%. The model also demonstrated how those changes would spur $300,000 in annual revenue growth and represent a 295% return on their investment. The tailored strategy enabled COR365 to see what opportunities existed for them, exactly what steps needed to be taken, and what kind of results to expect. This instilled confidence that our team understood their business and could be trusted with the investment in their online marketing.

We increased their website traffic immediately through a combination of Google and Bing search ads. We also increased their organic search traffic over time through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, including resolving technical SEO issues on their website, optimizing their content for keywords and local search factors, and improving their presence on local directories and industry-relevant websites.

In parallel with the SEO and PPC campaigns, we worked to improve their website conversion rate. We did this through a series of enhancements to their website including improving their existing service landing pages, creating new landing pages for their service areas, incorporating calls-to-action on their blog articles and other supporting pages, and improving their page load speed. We also introduced display retargeting ads and email marketing as strategies to re-engage qualified website visitors that hadn’t yet converted to leads.

The Results

After working with Improve & Grow for two years, COR365 saw a 50% increase in traffic and a 331% increase in website leads. In the year before we began, their website had a total of 13,775 sessions that resulted in 138 leads. After two years, the number of annual sessions grew to 20,704 and the number of new leads climbed to 594 per year.

The large increase in website leads allowed their sales team to acquire more new business deals, which in turn increased the company’s revenue. This is what Aimee Sanders, marketing assistant at COR365, had to say about working with Improve & Grow:

“Working with Carl and his team has truly been a pleasure! His team is always so professional and prompt. I would highly recommend Carl to any business looking to advance their marketing strategies!”

Aimee Sanders, marketing assistant

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