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How are Your Google AdWords Campaigns Performing?

Find the bottlenecks in your Google Ads (AdWords) account and get money saving insights within 2 minutes


Already running an AdWords account and curious to see how it’s performing?

We provide a comprehensive, personalized FREE Google Ads audit report that includes:

  • Traffic funnel (from possible impression to conversions).
  • Negative keywords suggestions.
  • How google networks are performing on mobile and desktop.
  • What are the best performing times and days.
  • What are the best performing ads.
  • Quality score distribution.
    …and a lot more.

Note: requires logging into your Google Account; U.S. businesses only

Our Tool checks your Google Ads (AdWords) account in 50+ areas

Save time – 8 hours of work in 2 minutes!

This Google Ads report (Google Ads used to be called “AdWords”) is generated within minutes and it can show you, at a glance, your accounts status and the most important aspects. The tool tracks data for the last 90 days which makes it easier to spot if the performance is on the right track. If you have to analyze all this information by hand it will take you the whole day.

View Network Performance

The report includes information about each type of campaign and compares the performance between the devices you are targeting. Now you can take informed decisions about the Devices bid adjustments and distribute the budget based on performance.

Performance by Network

Reduce Wasted Spend

Discover how much budget was spent on underperforming keywords, and how much more budget is estimated to be lost. This will allow you to build a highly relevant negative keywords list and spend the budget on the best quality searches.

Improve Quality Scores

The Quality Score section of the report includes the average Quality Score of your ads. This value can have a major impact on your ROI. By improving it you can improve your rankings and lower your costs.

Create Better Ads

Determine which ads are working better for your account and how good is their performance. Have insight to what exactly attracts your customers and create more effective ads.

Optimize Ad Schedules

The time slots will allow you to optimize your campaigns and increase the number of conversions your store has. Instead of having a flat CPC throughout the day, now you can increase the maximum amount you are willing to spend for a click exactly when the conversion rate is higher and crease it when no one is buying.

Ad Schedules

Best Practices

The audit report also includes a “Best Practices” section to help guide you to take the best decisions regarding your Google Ads account’s performance.

AdWords Best Practices


Don’t miss these AdWords insights!

In just 2-minutes, you’ll be able to answer key questions such as:

  • Can my campaign still grow?
  • What are the most costly keywords I waste spend on?
  • Which of my ads are performing well and should be copied to other Ad Groups?
  • Which days of the week convert the most?
  • What are the most profitable times to advertise?
  • Do my campaigns follow important Google AdWords best practices?

Note: requires logging into your Google Account; U.S. businesses only

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