Engage Your Customers 24/7.

Think of your website like an office building. If someone walks/calls into your office, they can engage in a number of different ways they can:

  • Find out more information about your business
  • Request information about your product or service
  • Get a quote or engage with a salesperson
  • Place an order or make a purchase
  • Engage with a customer service
  • Or just call in to say how much they love your work

Does your website provide a way to engage with everything listed above? If not, you are probably missing out on great opportunities to engage with people visiting your site. Here is the reason why — the major advantage to having customers engage with your website is that it’s available 24/7.

Productive, Profitable Content

If a company is only as good as its employees, then a website is only as good as its content. Each item listed in the section above represents a potential customer at different stages in the buying process. Customers will have different questions and problems depending on which stage they are in. Your website content needs to deliver the right answers and solutions to your customers where ever they are in your sales funnel.

If a company has productive, profitable content will have:

  • Consistent brand visuals and messaging
  • Attractive design that is intuitive to browse
  • Clear, concise, trust-building copy, images, and video
  • Calls to action that help convert people into paying customers
  • Continuous improvements to keep the site relevant to users and search engines 24/7

Most businesses can’t afford to have 24/7 sales or customer service staff, but your website can be up, running, and ready for when your potential customer wants to engage.

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Website Optimization Services

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Web Design & Development

Content Development

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Maintenance & Hosting

How Website Optimization Works


Rebecca runs a growing design and renovation company

Bryce Finnerty

Improve & Grow have been the key reason our site ranks so high for industry search results. They are true experts and we consider them a mission critical team member since most of our leads come from Google.

Bryce Finnerty, HingePoint

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Branding & Messaging

When a visitor lands on your site, you have to make a lasting impression in a matter of seconds. Having clearly defined guidelines for how you communicate in words, images, and video will give a visitor more consistent, informative experience.

Before we create any content for your company it is crucial that we:

  • Define your visual brand
  • Discover your brand voice
  • Outline key brand messages
  • Develop your target audience.

We have various tools and strategies to help develop these guidelines that will help inform not only your website content but can help you establish a clear message across all your communications.

Web Design & Development

Designing and developing a profitable website that supports your sales funnel takes more than just building a website. Your website should be your hub for your online sales funnel. Because of that, we’re driven to think a little differently when we build sites for our clients. We build and design websites for companies in Lancaster, PA and all across the USA.

Here’s how we approach helping you build a better website

  • We start by documenting your business goals related to the new site, define the scope and budget, and personalize your target audience.
  • Next, we begin exploring, colors, mock website designs while we begin to outline how the site will fit into your online marketing strategy.
  • Then, once designs and strategy are approved we begin to develop your new site along with any content that needs to be created.
  • Finally, the site will be launched and we begin to monitor performance and continually optimize and improve your site

Content Development

When developing content, is it vital to know who you are creating the content for and the goal of the piece of content. Knowing the target audience allows for the content we create to be centered around solving their unique problem.

A huge part of this is determining what stage of the buyer’s journey a target audience is in:

  • Awareness Stage: They are becoming aware that they have a problem and need to find a solution
  • Consideration Stage: The customer is considering and discovering how to solve their problem
  • Decision: Finally, they have identified a few solutions and now need specific information to make their final decision

Establishing a goal of the piece of content gives us focus when researching and producing the piece. These factors bring clarity to what format, such as an eBook, blog, or infographic, is going to perform best and accomplish the goal.

Content Promotion

Content promotion is often a step in the content marketing strategy that people overlook. Even after we create that great piece of content, people are going to have a hard time finding it unless we promote it.

There are many channels that content can be distributed through, and some of which aren’t always considered. The power of social media is known to everyone, so it is no surprise that posting, sharing, and promoting your content to social sites is worth your time, but email campaigns, email outreach, and guest posts are other great ways we promote your content. Getting content in front of your potential customer’s eyes is one step closer to a profitable action.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Myth: More traffic = More leads.

When monitoring the metrics of a website, it’s easy to be distracted by the “Site Visits” and “New Users” numbers. Often, what we need to be focusing on are the actions users take on our website that indicate they are moving closer to becoming a customer.

“Conversions” is the term that we use for these actions, and conversion rate optimization is what we do to increase the frequency of those conversions. For instance, two of the most obvious conversions that we like to see on a website is phone calls or website form fills. Some other conversions that we like to define and foster are: time spent on page, engagement with content like videos or downloads, or even how far down a page they scrolled.

The way we approach Conversion Rate Optimization is by:

  • Auditing, optimizing, or defining page goals
  • Developing an in-depth understanding of how the user engages with the page through the use of website monitoring software
  • Making changes to your website based on real user feedback
  • Continuously and optimize the users experience on the website
  • Develop dedicated landing pages with messages that are geared toward the potential custom

Website Maintenance & Hosting

No longer can a business have set-it-and-forget-it websites. Technology changes so fast and security issues are a serious threat. Not only that but search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly tweaking and changing their expectations for what makes a good website.

For 95% of our clients, we provide monthly, on-going website support and optimization that:

  • keeps their website content clean and fresh
  • keeps search engines serving their pages to users
  • gives them peace-of-mind that when something happens, they have experts who will respond immediately
  • gives them a competitive advantage through access to development, marketing, content and technology experts

How to Win More Customers With Your Website

Fix Your Website

Fill Your Sales Funnel

Improve & Grow Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need to redesign my website?

There are lots of factors to consider, but the first and most important question to evaluate is whether your current website is getting you the results you need. If not, it’s important to diagnose why. You might just need to make some tweaks or you just might need to redesign your website. Click here for an article that walks you through the key questions to consider.

If you are looking for some outside help, we offer a free, in-depth website audit that will tell you exactly where you stand and what kinds of improvements to consider.

We also offer a simple, 5-minute website ROI calculator that will help you evaluate the return on investment you could see from improving your website.

What is a conversion?

Website conversions are metrics that you define the results you are getting from your website and marketing campaigns.

There are many ways to approach defining conversions. If you’ve used Google Analytics or any other website monitoring software, you may be familiar with statistics such as Page Views, New Users, Sessions, Time On Pate, and other metrics. While these are generally good indicators, they don’t always reflect whether users are taking meaningful actions toward becoming a paying customer.

Our approach is to evaluate your website and define conversion goals that help us gauge where a user is in your sales funnel. These goals can be things like, downloads, newsletter sign-ups, phone calls, contact form-fills, call-to-action links clicked, etc. These are all examples of things users do as they move through the buying process.

Learn more about the importance of conversion tracking from our blog. 

How much does a website cost?

We’re not sure… Snarky remarks aside, this is really an honest answer without knowing more critical information. In order to properly answer this question we need to consider the following:

  • What kind of business do you have? What do you sell? How do you sell your product/service?
  • What do you need the website to do? Are there any special features you require? Does your website need to talk to any other business software?
  • Do you have a website now? If so, what platform is it built on? What kind of content is on the site?

And each situation has its own unique set of questions, challenges, and solutions.

We have built websites that cost $3000, and we’ve built websites that cost $20,000. It all depends on your business, and how much return on investment you can get from a website that works for you and helps you win more customers.

Not sure how to evaluate your ROI? Click here for a simple website ROI calculator. 

If you’d like to move forward with a website project but need a specific estimate of the cost, the best thing to do is to contact someone who knows how to evaluate your sales strategy and helps you develop a website that drives sales.


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