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Are You Missing Out on Key Opportunities?

  • Are you frustrated because your website isn’t showing up on the first page of Google?
  • Do you wish that you had more control over getting interested buyers to visit your website?

  • Do you feel like the people who are visiting your website are just browsing and not ready to buy?
  • Are you disappointed because the ads you are running don’t appear to be working?

We’re here to help you get results from your paid ad campaigns

Invest in PPC to get an immediate boost in highly qualified traffic

Deciding on how to best invest your marketing budget can often feel like gambling – drop the check in the mail and hope for the best.

Instead of taking a chance, our proven keyword and market research-driven PPC strategies will drive your ideal customer to your website when they are actively ready to buy.

The Benefits:

  • Gain immediate visibility within your target audience
  • Get a quick boost of qualified traffic to your website
  • You’ll have very precise control over your targeting
  • Visitors from ads will be more likely to convert
  • You can adjust your budget as needed to increase or decrease leads
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Our PPC Services

Paid Search Ads

Get in front of people who are already searching for what you offer using persuasive text ads on important search engines (Google & Bing) for highly-targeted search queries.

Display Ads

Develop awareness within your target audience across the web by showing display image and video ads across a vast network of websites where your customers visit every day.

Display Remarketing Ads

Re-engage interested buyers and capture more sales by running remarketing ads that display to users who visited sales pages but didn’t make a purchase decision.

Shopping Ads

Get in front of active shoppers and increase eCommerce transactions by showing product images from your online store to users who are already shopping for your product.

Social Media Ads

Reach your target audience on social media and develop interest when you display relevant paid ads to your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter users and more.

How we make your PPC investment work for you:

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Develop Growth Road Map

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Build Inbound Lead System

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Grow Lead Volume

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

A little over a year ago, our company made the decision to hire Improve and Grow to improve our SEM strategies. We have seen positive results and we expect that will only continue. I don’t say this lightly, but we have come to trust Carl and his team with what we consider one of our most valuable marketing tools.

Melissa Bauman, Urgent Care for Kids

More About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The fight for the first page is real for any industry, and with so much noise it can be difficult to decide where and how to invest in marketing strategies that drive sales. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are the fastest way to drive highly qualified traffic to your website, and they typically result in better-than-average conversion rates. You also have precise control with targeting options for keywords, locations, devices and much more. However, with all of these options, it’s possible to make some pretty big mistakes and waste a lot of money on poorly designed ad campaigns. That’s where a good PPC ad campaign can make all the difference.

With the right approach and a well-researched strategy, you can pay your way to the first page of Google while increasing your bottom line. That said, we’ve seen many business owners fall victim to costly paid ad campaigns that lose them money and time. That’s where we come in — we help launch, optimize, and maintain profitable ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and beyond.

Our approach to making you more money with a PPC campaign begins with our proven process of developing a target advertising strategy that is informed by deep market research and competitive analysis. The result is a predictive model that estimates your results based on target market share and your budget.

If the model shows that you can get a positive return on investment (our goal is 2-3x return), then we can move forward to developing and launching the campaigns, followed by our monthly optimization, which is vital to improving and maximizing profitability.


More information on the various paid ad campaign types:

Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads are text-only ads that appear on search engine results pages (SERP). Ads are triggered when searchers type relevant queries that advertisers are targeting. The search engine chooses which ads to show and in what order in an auction-style bidding process that is governed by a variety of factors including bid, ad relevance, and website experience. These are typically the most effective ads, because users clicking on them were already in the market based on their search; however, the cost per click is typically higher than other ad formats.

Display Ads

Display ads come in many shapes and sizes and appear on websites that rent out their space for advertising revenue.  These ads are sometimes referred to as “banner ads” because they often appear at the top of a website but may also show up in the sidebar, footer or even in the middle of an article or newsfeed on Facebook. Many display ads platforms work on an auction-style bid where advertisers select targeting criteria such as demographics or behaviors and a price they are willing to pay. Display ads are typically used for generating awareness for your brand, awareness or product and have a lower cost per click.

Display Re-marketing Ads

Display re-marketing ads, also referred to as “re-targeting” ads, are a special form of display ad that specifically target users who have already interacted with your brand by watching a video, visiting a landing page, purchasing a product, etc. These ads are typically used to re-engage a user to return to your website to make another purchase or move further down the sales funnel. They are typically very cost-effective and have a higher-than-average conversion rate.

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing ads, also referred to as “shopping” ads, are a special form of display ad used by e-commerce websites that sell products. Similar to search ads, shopping ads are triggered by criteria such as keyword and location. Shopping ads tend to perform very well because they display a product image, description and price in a carousel-like format. They also tend to have a relatively low cost per click.

Social Media Ads

Most social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, offer the ability to run ad campaigns. These platforms are attractive because they offer highly specific targeting criteria. This enable the advertiser to refine their target audience based on behaviors, interests, and triggers such as post engagement. Social media ads are similar in cost to traditional display ads but often result in higher engagement due to the use of more visual or interactive content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does PPC work for B2B markets?

While relationships often determine the buying decisions in a business-to-business transaction, more and more commercial buyers are turning to the internet to conduct research and narrow down the playing field. In fact, according to recent research, 68% of commercial buyers prefer to conduct research online. While results may vary by industry, when done well, paid ads provide a steady stream of highly qualified leads for your sales team to pursue.

Does PPC work for B2C markets?

More and more consumers use their smartphones, tablets, and PCs to research what they want, wherever they are and whenever they want to. In fact, a recent poll showed that 89% of consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions. And another study showed 65% of users click on ads when they perform searches with high commercial intent.

Will PPC work for my industry and website?

In general, PPC works very well when you target the right audience, use compelling ad copy and send the user to a high-converting landing page. It can take time to “dial in” these factors, so it also helps when the cost per lead is well below your break-even point.

I’m already using Google Ads (AdWords). How do I know if it’s working as well as it could be?

We have a handy audit tool that can tell how well your campaigns are performing and provide you with a list of opportunities to improve your return. Click here to learn more about the tool.

Should I run search ads, display ads or social media ads?

It depends on your objectives. In general, search ads provide the best return on investment, because you are serving an ad to a user who has already declared an interest in a keyword you’ve decided to target. Therefore, that user is more likely to convert.

Display ads are typically more effective for developing awareness within your target audience because you are pushing your ads in front of a user as a strategy to build awareness and generate interest. That said, there are highly effective targeting strategies that can be used, such as remarketing, that can enable you to get very high returns on display ads.

Social media ads are similar to display ads; however, the focus is more on content, such as videos and images. Social media platforms offer more complex targeting criteria, so you can get a lot more creative with targeting based on behaviors, interests and even triggers like post engagement, website visits or past purchases. When done well, this can lead to developing very targeted audiences that have a high conversion rate and high rate of return.

Will I get a better ROI on PPC or SEO?

It depends on your business objectives, sales model and the level of competition. PPC can be a great way to kick-start traffic and in many industries, users who click on ads are more likely to convert to a lead and provide a very high rate of return. However, if your website has a low conversion rate and you work in a very competitive market with a high acquisition cost, you may not be able to make a good return. In this case, SEO services will take longer but may provide a better ROI. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

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