Improve & Grow, LLC Welcomes Paul Alicea as Senior Web Designer

Press Release

Improve & Grow, LLC is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its talented team, Paul Alicea, who has recently joined the organization as the new Senior Web Designer. With his extensive professional experience and strong understanding of graphic designs and user interface, Paul is set to play a pivotal role in elevating Improve & Grow’s design capabilities and contributing to the agency’s mission of driving revenue growth for its clients.

In his new position, Paul Alicea will be at the forefront of creating visually captivating and user-friendly websites, interfaces, and visual mockups. His expertise lies in crafting exceptional designs and ensuring they are optimized for user experience and accessibility. Moreover, Paul’s ability to streamline design processes, foster collaboration, and develop innovative solutions aligns perfectly with Improve & Grow’s commitment to delivering impactful client results.

Carl Lefever, CEO of Improve & Grow, expressed his enthusiasm for this new addition to the team, saying, “Paul’s extensive experience and creative mindset make him a perfect fit for our agency. His dedication to achieving clients’ goals through thoughtful and efficient design solutions aligns with our mission of helping businesses thrive.”

Key Responsibilities of Paul Alicea include:

  • Envisioning and crafting design work aligned with strategic goals, ensuring client success.
  • Efficiently designing user-friendly websites, interfaces, and visual mockups using industry-standard tools.
  • Independently producing high-quality, effective page layouts that drive desired outcomes.
  • Collaborating effectively with the team, clients, and contractors, fostering a creative environment.
  • Creating visual assets that powerfully support overall marketing strategies.
  • Assisting in internal marketing and brand development initiatives, promoting growth.

Alicea’s journey to this role showcases his dedication to design and innovation. With experience ranging from graphic design to web development, he has honed his skills across various mediums. Paul’s professional journey began as a graphic & web designer at Juniata College’s marketing department. He subsequently worked with a startup technology company before landing his first agency role, ultimately leading him to Improve & Grow.

Paul expressed his aspirations, saying, “I want to efficiently lead design decisions that benefit our clients and their goals. It’s about combining my skills for the greater good while continuously learning and growing personally.”

About Improve & Grow, LLC

Improve & Grow is an inbound lead generation agency focused on helping service businesses grow their revenue profitability. Typical results are 30-50% revenue growth in the first 12 months with a 3X or better return on investment.

For those interested in exploring career opportunities at Improve & Grow, visit the agency’s careers page to learn more.

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