Guide To Google Business Profile For Contractors, Speciality Trades, and Home Service Providers

In today’s constantly changing online world, it’s crucial to make sure that your local business has a strong online presence. In fact, research shows that independent contractors are searched for online 1.7 million times every month, and an overwhelming 96% of people learn about local businesses primarily through online sources.

This statistic emphasizes the importance of distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Not establishing a competitive edge can significantly hurt when paired with a lack of a reliable method to get leads and uncertainty about which digital marketing strategies to focus on. To increase visibility, customer interactions, and ROI, it’s essential to consider utilizing a Google Business Profile.

In this article, we will guide you through the basics of Google Business Profile, including what it is, setup basics, and why it matters for your business.

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Understanding Google Business Profile

What is a Google Business Profile listing?

Google Business Profile, also known as GBP (and previously known as Google My Business), is a free tool that highlights local business listings in Google Search, Maps, and Shopping. Google Business Profiles can be viewed in three places: 

  1. In the local “map pack” of a search result
local “map pack” of a search result
  1. In Google Maps (see picture below)
HVAC Contractor in Lancaster, PA Google search
  1. And, if you have products integrated, Google Shopping (example from Search Engine Roundtable)
Manually adding products to GBP

With Google Business Profile, you can create and manage a business listing (or multiple listings if you have multiple locations). In creating and using this profile, you can:

✅ Provide accurate business information (Name, Address, Phone Number)

✅ Point back to your company’s website (and other key pages)

✅ Integrate and highlight your social media profiles

✅ Create posts highlighting new products, services, or company updates

✅ Respond to potential client questions and direct messages

Much More!

Learn More About The Basics Of Google Business Profile >>>

Now that we have gone through what a Google Business Profile is, let’s break down how to either claim or add your listing and how to verify it.

Setting Up Your Profile

Setup Basics

Claiming Your GBP Listing

When first utilizing a Google Business Profile, it is important to look to see if a profile has already been created for your business. In order to view your profile:

  1. Do a branded search for your company. Your company’s listing should appear on the right-hand sidebar of the Google search results (see screenshot for reference)
Google search for Improve & Grow, LLC
  1. When you find your company’s listing, look for text that reads “Own this business?”
    Clicking on this will prompt you to log into your Gmail associated with the business, and start the claim and verification process. The following video from Google breaks down the process for claiming a listing (this video also showcases how to add a listing as well)
Claiming a Google Business Profile (GBP)

VIDEO: Add or Claim a Business on Google

Now that we covered how to claim a listing, lets look at how you would add one.

Adding Your GBP Listing

If you do a branded search and you cannot find a listing associated with your business, create a GBP listing here. Use this supplementary video from Google to aid you through the process (this video also showcases how to claim a listing as well).

VIDEO: Add or Claim a Business on Google

Verifying Your GBP Listing

Now, it is time to verify your Google Business Profile (note: your profile will not become searchable until you verify it!).  There are several verification options offered, including:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Video Recording
  • Live Video Call
  • Postcard

The verification option offered to you will depend on whether your business has a physical location. For most businesses, the postcard is the most used verification method.

If your business has a physical location, Google will mail a postcard with a PIN confirmation number to the business address, where you would then type the PIN into your Business Profile. For a visual representation of the postcard verification process, view this video from Mac Frederick from Momentum Digital:

VIDEO: Verifying Google My Business with a Postcard

Profile Performance Data: Helpful Insights For Business Owners

Guide To Google Business Profile For Contractors, Speciality Trades, and Home Service Providers

GBP Profile performance data

Google Business Profile is equally important in that it also provides insights for business owners that can’t be accessed anywhere else. As a business owner, you can track and analyze the following via the Performance section of a Google Business profile:

  • Searches: see what search terms people used to find your business (you can also use Google Search Console for further in-depth search data)
  • Calls: Number of clicks on the call button on your profile
  • Messages: number of unique conversations through the Messages feature
  • Bookings: Number of completed bookings by customers (to get access to this metric, you must set up your GBP’s bookings through a provider)
  • Direction requests: Number of unique customers that request directions to your business
  • Platform and Device Breakdown: Provides a breakdown of mobile versus desktop visitors, and where they viewed your profile from (Google Search and Maps)
  • User Searches
  • Website Clicks: Number of clicks on the website link provided in your profile
  • And more!

The above metrics are crucial in helping you understand the interaction points people make with your Google Business Profile and how you can improve it. For instance, if bookings are down for your profile, consider:

  • adding a booking link to your profile that links to your website’s booking landing page 
  • setting up your GBP’s bookings through a provider (provides automatic booking reminders and more)
  • adding GBP posts that highlight your services and provide a link to your booking page
  • check to see if the booking link isn’t working (Is the link broken and does it need to be replaced?)
  • Review local map pack competitors and their profiles (are they utilizing some features that your profile is not?)

Additionally, your GBP is incredibly important in receiving local search visibility through Google’s other properties, as Google Map results are generated using Google Business Profiles. GBPs also show up in branded searches, which are keywords that people search for which utilize your company’s name, such as “improve and grow digital marketing”. 

Your Profile and “Near Me” Queries

Another important note about profile appearance is that your Google Business Profile will show up for local, non-branded keywords related to your services + “near me.” For instance, if you have a profile for a business in Lancaster, PA, that mentions that you provide custom millwork services and someone in Lancaster searches “custom millwork near me,” Google will feature your business’s listing in Google’s map pack of local businesses. 

By not having a profile set up with your location and services, which provides extra context to Google about your business, you are missing out on exposure to potential local clients. Now imagine that, in your geographic area, several other local competitors don’t have their GBP filled out. This translates to an easy way to differentiate yourself and gain a competitive advantage in your local market.

GBP search of custom millwork near me

Maximize Local Visibility and Conversions with GBP

Ultimately, if you are looking to gain local visibility and engagement online for your contracting business, you need to create and optimize your free Google Business Profile today. 

Start Optimizing Today & Get ahead of your competition

When you leverage Google Business Profile (GBP) effectively, you ensure that potential clients will:

  1. Find Accurate Business Information: Access up-to-date details like your business hours, contact information, and location.
  2. Read Reviews and Ratings: Make informed decisions based on reviews, star ratings, and business updates that showcase your reputation.
  3. Discover Local Services Easily: Identify businesses in their area that can meet their specific needs, highlighted in local map pack results and “near me” search queries.

Don’t let prospective clients slip away. Get ahead of your competition by ensuring your business stands out in local searches. Visit our Contractors page to discover more ways to stand out against the competition. Explore more >>

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