Executive Summary 

Cavod Theatre, a division of Cavod Academy of the Arts, is a non-profit performing arts academy, providing positive and uplifting theatre performances in Lancaster County, PA. The live theatre is a family-centered organization, offering students a creative and inspirational atmosphere to succeed. As a digital marketing agency with expertise in travel and tourism marketing, Improve & Grow was uniquely qualified to help Cavod Theatre grow its visibility in the region through a redesigned, mobile-friendly website with online ticket sales, search engine marketing, as well as local PR and advertising. 

The Challenge 

Cavod Theatre had a positive reputation in the Lancaster community. However, they were struggling to increase visibility in the surrounding region. The company’s website used an outdated web platform, making updates difficult. The existing website offered limited analytics and other tracking capabilities. Without a sound marketing strategy or analytics, it was difficult to tell what was working and what wasn’t. After hearing about another local business’s success, Cavod Theatre turned to Improve & Grow. 

The Solution 

Improve & Grow conducted interviews with the team at Cavod Theatre to understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the market and competition. Improve & Grow got to work defining actionable goals and documenting a marketing strategy. Together, they focused their efforts on specific marketing channels: the website, search engine optimization, paid search advertising, social media, and local public relations. 

Improve & Grow redesigned the company’s website to offer a customized, user-friendly mobile experience. Now optimized for search engines, the new website provides users with a browsable online catalog of classes, online class registration for students, and online ticket sales for the community. Our team also implemented web analytics to measure the results of their marketing campaigns. 

We helped Cavod Theatre obtain a search advertising grant from Google. As a non-profit, the unique opportunity allowed them to share the appreciation of performing arts with a broader community and positively impact a greater audience. 

We worked to expand their online presence by launching a local PR and advertising campaigns with LancasterPA.com, as well as Facebook. To further improve local search results, we focused on local websites, travel websites, event websites, and community calendar lists. 

The Results

Through its collaboration with Improve & Grow, Cavod Theatre saw a 61% increase in traffic to the website and an 80% improvement in online ticket sales. As a result of the significant business and financial growth, Cavod Theatre was able to add new staff members and increase the number of performances offered. Their fresh approach to marketing now generates a vital source of income to support the performing arts academy.

Here’s what Connie Dienner, founder and director of the Cavod Academy of the Arts, had to say about the partnership:

“ I absolutely love, Carl and his team at Improve and Grow! They go above and beyond, to work with your business needs to matter your size. They have helped us take steps within our budget, and set goals we can achieve.  We have seen tremendous growth since working with them, and continue to strategize with them for the future! A huge thank you to Carl for working with us, and helping us to understand our market and business!”

Meet the Author:

Scott Rehnberg

Scott Rehnberg, Outreach & Content Strategist

Scott comes to the table with extensive experience in Content Marketing and Digital PR. His passion for Digital Marketing has afforded him insight into the buyer's journey and how to best reach targeted audiences on behalf of our clients. He specializes in Off-Site SEO, Content Marketing, and Link Building, closely monitoring new opportunities for our clients to speak into. When he’s not at work or researching new SEO trends, Scott can be found enjoying time with his wife and children, as well as pursuing new musical ventures.