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SEO analyst

Be Your Own SEO Analyst With These Easy SEO Quick Fixes

Digital marketing is intimidating. There’s no shame in admitting that sometimes the ins and outs of SEO can make even technically savvy people a little confused. That’s completely normal, and in all honestly, even our own staff sits back and says “huh?” when Google pushes out an unexpected algorithm update. What really matters is that you…

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social marketing

7 Easy Ways to Use Social Marketing Posts to Improve SEO

Your social marketing posts are probably aimed at getting your brand in front of customers. That’s brilliant – it’s a fantastic way to get exposure without necessarily needing a huge advertising budget. And, you’ve probably heard about SEO. You know it involves Google and improving where your business appears in the search results. But, did you…

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pricing page

The Psychology Behind a Pricing Page that Converts

Psychology is a major aspect of contemporary marketing. Take the blue light effect, for example. Researchers have found that blue light exposure increased appetite and altered a person’s metabolism. Now, suppose you own a restaurant or even a convenience store that sells food. What kind of lighting are you going to choose in your store or…

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